Video Poker Variants and Rules

November 4, 2017 admin 0 Comment

Video poker is, in many ways, an easier version of poker. You only need to know the basic strength of each poker hand in order to play video poker.
Many video poker machines don’t even require this knowledge, as the strength of each hand appears on the machine itself. Read on to understand the basics and common variants of video poker.

Video poker is played against a machine rather than against live players. This removes many of the difficult parts of poker, including bluffing, money management and trying to create the best hand. All you have to do when playing video poker is have a hand strong enough to get paid with. Video poker machines typically show a pay table on the side of the screen indicating how much you will get paid for each hand. For instance, “Jacks or Better” offers an even payout for a pair of jacks and better payouts for each better hand. As the hands go up in strength, payouts also increase.

Playing video poker is easy. Simply input the number of coins you want to play and press the action button (typically marked “deal/draw”). The machine will deal you five cards. Choose which cards you wish to hold and which you wish to discard, then press the action button again to replace your cards. If your new hand is strong enough, you will receive either an even payout or a significantly greater payout. These video poker rules hold true across all variants of the game.


The most common machine is Jacks or Better, but other popular variants also exist. Two types of machine enjoyed by gamblers are “Deuces Wild” and “Joker Poker.” These introduce the notion of the wild card, either a two or a joker depending which you play. Wild cards can be used in place of any card you wish. Hands are easier to make, but it is correspondingly harder to make money from each hand. Where a pair of jacks might provide an even payout in Jacks or Better, it might lose you money in either of the two above variants. You should always figure out if the wild card potential offers a better chance of winning more money or if you should just stick to Jacks or Better. Some video poker machines are known as progressive jackpot games. These machines are all hooked together and offer the potential for a collectively pooled jackpot if you make a royal flush. The royal flush, of course, is very difficult to get, but the size of the jackpot may be worth it. Achieving a royal flush on a progressive jackpot game might even change your life. You must bet the maximum amount of money for each game in order to be eligible for the big win